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Lazy Baked Chicken Cutlets

Sometimes you just don't want to plan or make dinner.  Sometimes you're just so sick and tired of eating fast food or take out.  Sometimes you just have zero motivation to do a dang thing!  This type of mood/motivation usually hits me around February... well it's only October so this winter is going to be… Continue reading Lazy Baked Chicken Cutlets

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Chicken Roasted Tomato Alfredo Roll Ups

I have a very soft spot for carbs more, specifically pasta. Lately, the weather has just sucked. I don't think we've seen the sun in almost 10 days and on top of it, we had our first snow this week as well.  I had a hankering the other day and decided I really wanted some… Continue reading Chicken Roasted Tomato Alfredo Roll Ups

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Shredded Chicken

In our house, the faster we can make/plan/throw together a meal the better.  A few years ago I was looking for a really good shredded chicken recipe.  I have always been real sketchy about meat in general.  It took me until about a year ago to even be able to bake chicken that tasted good.… Continue reading Shredded Chicken


Crockpot Chicken Fajita Soup

Well it's that time again to begin prepping for dinner Wednesday night.  I was under the weather on Monday so I will prep this sucker on Tuesday to throw together before bowling on Wednesday.  Since the weather has not improved and we've been seeing rainy chilly weather I decided I wanted to do another soup.… Continue reading Crockpot Chicken Fajita Soup