Luci May & Letti Jayne

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Meet Luci May

Luci May has been in Jay’s life since 2007.  She’s our spunky little girl who loves to sleep and eat maybe more than I do.  She has adored Stella since the day I brought her into our lives in 2013. The picture below is on a camping trip the summer of 2018. Stella needed to run to the store and Luci May insisted on riding with.


Meet Letti Jayne

Letti Jayne came into our lives in February of 2018 at 5 months old.  This little girl is full of piss and vinegar.  Luci May still isn’t sure what she thinks of her little sister.  Letti Jayne’s favorite things to do are chew on everything in site, drag trash around the house, and bark while I am standing at the kitchen stove. Scares me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Dog Stories:

Luci May the Beginning

Letti Jayne – The 1st Year

For the pet or pet lover in your life, Luci May and Letti Jayne recommend Petco, where the pet’s go.