Featured, Luci May & Letti Jayne

Luci May the Beginning

Luci May was a gift to Jay in 2007. She has been Jay’s little sidekick from the day she came home. This dog has been with her longer than any dog she has ever had and this girl better live for another 11 years.

Luci May has been the absolute best.  Outside of potty training issues (she has a very tiny bladder), Luci has been a dream.  She rarely barks, doesn’t chew on anything and prefers to spend her days napping.  She is the BEST cuddle bug ever.  Could possibly win an award for being the laziest pup.

Luci May has even traveled to Wilmington, NC with Jay for a month to visit family, see the ocean, and chase her cousin Roxy.

Authors Note: The photos shared in this post are like a decade old taken from a flip phone with a camera then screenshotted from facebook.. The quality is shotty at best.

Grandma Meeting Luci May
Snuggles with my new Momma
Meeting my cousin Keiko
SKOL Vikings
vikes 2
Watching the game with Mom
Luci May’s 1st Halloween


First Haircut
I love my squeaky ball
Meeting Auntie Jessi’s Pigs
Shopping at Petco where the pet’s go.
Snuggle Session with my very own Kitty Wilson
First time at the Beach


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