Featured, Luci May & Letti Jayne

Letti Jayne – The 1st Year

When Stella came into Jay and Luci’s life she gave up her own 4 legged baby Ellie.  Throughout the first 3 years Stella frequently mentioned getting a puppy.  Jay always said no due to the fact they had Luci who was already a decade old and spoiled rotten but also because they lived in a very small apartment on the 3rd floor with no elevator.  A puppy under those conditions would suck, not to mention Minnesota Winters.. Ain’t nobody got time to train a puppy under those circumstances.

Fast forward 2 months after we moved in and Stella wanted a puppy. Now if you ask her, it was all Jay’s idea.  One thing we can agree on was getting Letti Jayne was collectively the worst “mutual” decision we ever made.

Although super cute she is the devil.  Through the many times she has eaten things she shouldn’t (shoes, hats, garbage, CBD oil, body lotion, multiple cell phone chargers, extensions cords and various other items) and the number of items she has tried to steal from the neighbor kids (her new baby tiger and a gardening glove to date) we have grown to love her.  We still worry even after 8 months what she’s gotten into when we aren’t home. Also let’s not forget to mention she doesn’t sleep through the night…

Car Ride Home with Ms Emma Jo
What is this white fluffy stuff? I LOVE IT
Only way Mom can get some peace.


Side Eyein’
I sits like Eeyor
Not only do I chew myself out of my harness but I decapitate my sisters panda.

After Letti Jayne managed to chew through several harness we managed to find this little gem Gooby Soft Breathable Mesh Dog Harness for Small Pets, Medium, Pink

I will chew on ANYTHING
What did I do?
My new baby tiger I stole from the neighbor kids.
So cuddly.
Camping is the best with my sister.
I do not like this one bit!
Helping Mama Stella Clean

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