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$5 Halloween Center Pieces

If you’ve ever read a recipe post I have written you are fully aware that I prefer to create things that are easy and cost effective.  For me that is key, otherwise Stella would say no to any of my decorating ideas.

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday outside Independence Day. Last year we closed on our house on October 5th.  By the beginning of the the following week I had set up my little graveyard in our front yard.  I have always loved seeing people go all out for the holidays, be it New Years Eve (also a favorite) to Christmas and every holiday in between.  Stella however thinks it’s a waste of time… but she loves me enough to let me do what I want as long as I don’t have to recruit her services for much other than hanging lights.

I have a collection of animal skeletons.  I started buying them when our inspection passed on our house. My intention was to have a full pet cemetery. Unfortunately, I just don’t trust people and I was worried someone would run off with my little pets. So they sit in our picture window.


So tomorrow we are planning on having some family and friends over to do a group pumpkin carving event.  We plan on doing some BBQ (assuming it isn’t snowing) as well as a few appetizers and sides.  I wanted to create some centerpieces for the dinner table as well as create something that I could use each year.

Initially I was going to create this center piece with a real pumpkin and real flowers.  I decided against it, knowing Stella would lose her mind if I spent $20+ on a centerpiece that is just going to die. So I took a trip to the dollar store to collect what I needed.  The dollar store did not have the pumpkin bucket that I specifically wanted so I made a stop at Walmart.



  • Pumpkin Bucket
  • Fake Flowers – 3 or more
  • Foam Block




Push the flower stems into the foam block. Fluff and arrange flowers to your liking.  The more flowers your add to the block the fuller your arrangement will be.  To keep each centerpiece under $5 I chose to only use 3 different flower types.

Cut the strap to your pumpkin with scissors. Insert foam block with flowers to bucket and arrange to you liking.  Voila!


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-Stella & Jay

2 thoughts on “$5 Halloween Center Pieces”

  1. I love your skeleton animals! I’ve been collecting them myself. I have two life size horses out in my front yard. If my neighbors didn’t think it was weird, I’d keep them out all year. After Halloween, I put them in the back yard. They watch over the property!

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    1. I love mine. Two life size horses?!? That’s awesome! I’m sure my neighbors think I’m a little weird but I love Halloween! I’m just going to keep collecting them. Next year I’m planning to replace all my tombstones with homemade concrete ones. This time of year it’s too windy.


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